Our Routine

At Whinney Hill Kennels we follow a daily kennel routine which helps first time boarders settle into their new environment, and into which regular guests can relax straight away. We have morning and afternoon exercise and a midday quiet time. All our boarders are checked again late evening and taken out for relief before settling down with a bedtime treat.


We supply a range of popular brands of tinned and dry dog food or you can bring yourdog’s own food if preferred. Please note there is no price reduction if you bring your own food. There is no need to bring your own feed bowls as these are provided.


Exercise forms a big part of the WHK experience as we believe a well exercised dog is a happy dog. We have a variety of activities for your pet to keep them interested and stimulated during their time with us, whether for a few days or a few weeks. From lead walks around the farm lanes to free playtime in our secure paddocks your pet can be assured of plenty of out of kennel exercise. We also have two all-weather paddocks which are useful during the wet weather.

Playtime is supervised by our team and we assess new boarders before allowing them to play off lead, as safety is paramount for both staff and pets.  We recognise that some dogs may not be so used to off lead playtime and so tailor their exercise activities accordingly.

Bathing & brushing

While we aim to send your dog home in as good a condition as they arrive, at times this can be tricky, especially during the Winter. We provide a brushing service as part of your pet’s care. However as we exercise in all weathers, you may wish to book abath for home time as an extra treat.