Kennel Care

Our aim is to give all dogs a positive kennelling experience at Whinney Hill Kennels so that you can be content leaving your pet in our care.

Veterinary Care & Medication

We administer medicines and treatments as required, although we do not cater for diabetic dogs. If your pet becomes ill when staying with us, or we have any concerns about them we will seek advice from your own Vet in the first instance, and take them for a check up with your Vet if necessary. For out of hours emergencies we will use our own vets at Jubilee Veterinary Centre, Newtownards who are on 24 hour call. Additionally, we have team members trained in animal First Aid.

Kennel Stress

For the majority of the dogs that stay with us their visit is relaxed and happy. However, for a small number the kennelling experience can be hard at first. Perhaps they have had a bad experience elsewhere, have come from a rescue background or are just missing their usual human family. In these situations, we pay particular attention to your pet including extra playtime if necessary, and perhaps changing them to another kennel area to help them settle in. If you are concerned about how your pet may adapt to our kennel routine please talk to us in advance so that we can help both you and your pet overcome your fears.

Longer Stays

We do keep dogs for longer than the typical few days to a few weeks, for example if owners have planned long trips abroad or require hospitalisation for a period. Again our advice is that if you need long term care for your dog discuss it with us in advance so that we can develop a suitable care plan for your pet. We may also be able to suggest alternative arrangements if necessary.